discount yacht charter in Croatia

Today we headed to Island of Komiza and the famed town. It is drenched in Venitian charm and with its dynamic cocktail bars it's a party port that is a highlight for passengers and celebs alike – while we were there though none were seen. As we couldn't dock till 5pm we halted at a little beach and who would be there but a friend I'd met in Portoroz. Komiza was a beautiful town and we had an awesome night, before closing the night we had a picnic dinner and then headed to Carpe Diem a cocktail bar after which to another bar. sailing yacht for rent croatia

Now it's away to Pula, which will be allegedly the birth place of Marco Polo. We went when we got there, we went for a walk I hobbled. Pula is a really modest but lovely area, where also you are able to charter a yacht. In the day we did some shopping and exploring on our own and then met for dinner called the Turret, which will be a medievil turret in the old walls that surrounded Pula. You sit at the top of the turret purchase your drinks and they're pulled up to the top of the turret from the pub at the bottom all the way on a small elevation like system. It was freezing after checking it out so, I had a vodka red bull and headed down to the following amount in.

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