Hydroponics and Aquaponics systems have been gaining momentum and popularity in recent years, many farmers as well as people without any experience in farming are interested in joining the most interesting area of growing in water.

Commercial farming in Hydroponics  & Aquaponics system has several distinct advantages compared to growing in the soil:

  • Save Up to 80% amount of water and fertilizer
  • The yield per unit area increased up to 10 times
  • Enables you to grow everywhere – (if soil is polluted, dry desert etc)
  • Working at waist level – argonomic
  • Organic approvals for Hydroponics & Aquaponics Systems

LivinGreen company specializes in the design and construction of Aquaponics systems and commercial hydroponics both in Israel and abroad, we provide services that include:

  • General advice on choosing the appropriate system and crops
  • Writing a Business Plan
  • Providing full protocols and systems management tools
  • Engineering planning
  • Construction of  turn-key projects
  • Professional assistance in the process of construction, training and technical support

We believe in a long process of learning and development Therefore, we apply research and development department within the company concerned to improve existing systems, Livestock and explores new fish, organic treatments for plant care, nutrients and disinfectants in order to improve the growth and support of farmers growing these methods. In addition, we conduct various studies with research and development centers of the Ministry of Agriculture, universities and more.

Israeli climate work gives us the opportunity to work with companies of Agriculture and the world’s leading experts in hope to achieve  effort at the highest level.

If you are interested in a commercial systems, please download the preliminary questionnaire, fill it and send it back to us and we will schedule a professional consultation meeting free of charge in our farm

Download Questionnaire

DIY - Do it yourself

You decided to build a system by yourself? we are here for you! In the DIY page you will find guides to set up and run a full system. The guides are free of charge.

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Aquaponics and hydroponics Workshop for home growers, beginners or advanced . In the workshop you will get all the information you need, including written manuals showing how to build and operate Hydroponics and Aquaponics systems in your home!

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