Aquaponics and hydroponics are innovative growing methods which have been gaining momentum in recent years. These systems are impacting food production worldwide.

Whole communities have been established in Israel and around the world thanks to these methods. It has allowed them to grow their own vegetables and fish. Those groups have increased these past few years.

Who can use hydroponic and aquaponic systems at home ?

  • Anyone who wants to grow its own vegetables and fish for himself or/and for its family consumption.
  • Anyone who wants to grow vegetables and have fish as pets.

LivinGreen is an israeli company which promotes these methods since 2009. It is the first company in Israel that began to hold aquaponic and hydroponic workshops and provide full powered home systems.

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Do you want to build a system by yourself? We are here for you! On the DIY page there are guidelines to set up and run a full system. Guidelines are free of charge.

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Aquaponic and hydroponic workshops are suitable for beginners or advanced home growers. During the workshop you will get all the information you need, including manuals, to build and operate hydroponic and aquaponic systems in your home.

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