LivinGreen has currently three farms in Israel:

⦁ R&D farm in Beit Herut – in the North of Netanya
⦁ Green in the City – the first urban farm in Tel Aviv
⦁ Green in the Village – aquaponics and hydroponics farm near the sea of Galilee

LIVINGREEN – R&D farm, Beit herut

This is here where it all begins. LivinGreen was created in 2009 by a team of biologists. This farm is located in the middle of oranges and tangerine orchard nearby the beach. The farm is composed by a small and cozy workshop where the farm staff work and build aquaponic and hydroponic systems which means that here we are designing, trying, playing, breaking and constructing all kind of systems. Basically, it’s the main farm where all the others farms take their furniture.

Livingreen Farm
In the farm, we got two greenhouses for system demonstration and research, as well as a workshop space, a small aquaculture farm, a building and a storage space and a poultry. The team that works on LivingBox has also one greenhouse – research in this farm.

mediterranean 2 mediterranean 1

Beit Herut is a small village in Emek Hefer on the Israel’s Mediterranean Coastal Plain where you can find a lot of natural parks and sea activities (kite surfing, SUP, freediving, swimming). This area has chill and calm vibes. Thanks to the marine college not far from Beit Herut there is a great nightlife and bars to go out too.

GREEN IN THE CITY – YAROK BAIR – Urban Farm on Dizengoff Center’s Rooftop, Tel Aviv

A joint venture between LivinGreen Company as pioneers in the HydroponGreen in the city commercial hydroponnics Tel Aviv Israelic & Aquaponics sector, and Dizengoff Center as the first shopping mall built in Israel in 1972 located in the heart of Tel-Aviv. This collaboration brings forward the urban farming in Israel.
In Green in The City’s commercial rooftop farm we produce hydroponic leafy greens with no chemical pesticides for individuals & restaurants and we respect a certain radius around the farm to select our clients in order to minimize the ecological footprint.

There is a small educational urban farm where we demonstrate how to grow vegetables with various soil-less methods – hydroponics & aquaponics, vertical farming and more. We teach how to implement these methods independently at home, office or school, as well as we offer equipment and kits that enable people to grow healthy food everywhere and by everyone!

Tel Aviv is Israel’s second-largest city – modern, vibrant and cosmopolitan – is one of the country’s greatest assets, a sun-bronzed strip of coastline where coffee and culinary innovation are the local obsessions, where life is lived outdoors and to the fullest. The UNESCO-listed Bauhaus-era buildings that give the place its popular title of ‘White City’ are a major draw, as is the historic port of Jaffa (Yafo), which has a fascinating Arab heritage. City’s real attraction is the local lifestyle.

mediterranean Tel Aviv

GREEN IN THE VILLAGE – YAROK BAKFAR – Aquaponics and hydroponics farm

Yarok Bakfar is a unique aquaponics & hydroponics farm which is located in Hukok in the north part of Israel with proximity to the sea of galilee. The farm is based on vertical farming techniques and the marketing focus on local communities and direct sells.
Ella and Tiran Alali are the owners of the farm and Yoav their young boy already knows how to plant in the NFT system.

Green in the village commercial hydroponics Hukuk Israel

Tiran has studied Naturopathy, Health, Fitness and Wellbeing at the Wingate Institute. Tiran and Ella said: “As a family we love the idea of a “LivinGreen” lifestyle where we do our part to conserve natural resources and work to initiate and support a local market”.
They moved to Kibbutz Hukok in 2014 and started building the hydroponics and aquaponics farm right away. The farm itself was built in the vacant kibbutz milking facilities that have been closed for many years. The farm is partly built by reusing and recycling different materials and components.
They really think that growing organic vegetable in hydroponics and aquaponics systems can be considered the most eco friendly agricultural methods, especially for its reuse of the same water crop after crop. They hope it will be the future of agriculture.

Kineret Hameshushim pool

Hukok is a kibbutz in Israel located near the Sea of Galilee and the city of Tiberias. There is a big ecological community who live in Hukok. There are beautiful nature hikes nearby, as well as different water sports in the sea of Galilee.