Aquaponics Greenhouse,”Kaduri” Agricultural High School, Israel


Experimental Agricultural “Kaduri” high school is part of the youth village which includes a boarding school and farm.

3 “Meron” aquaponics systems were  installed in one of the greenhouses. Students in farming have been conducting on these systems experiments  and bio-research studies , comparing three different cultivation methods of hydroponics (floating  rafts, flood & drain and NFT), feeding the fish types of different foods with protein levels and different fatty acids, cultivating  three species of fish and more …

The photos were taken during an experiment comparing the growth rates of Tilapia fish and various plants as part of a bio-research study during the school year 2013-2014.

We assist the school with technical support and advice on research questions and questions of students  through our website’s forum.

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Category : Educational systems Date : December 10 2014
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