1. .LivingBox is a modular and sustainable system that enables you to grow fresh vegetables in low costs & minimal effort for everyone & everywhere.The LivigBox recently won a prize from the Pears Challeng


    The main concept is going back to domestic production. Thus, significantly reducing costs of production, transportation and pesticides, loaded  on the produce we eat. The result of this process is regaining  power to the simple man, allowing  him to grow the food that is needed in a simple, very inexpensive and environmentally friendly way. Instead of polluting the environment, we allow to carbon fixation? from the air in big cities, saving great amount of water .and of course making  food accessible to week populations which do not have the financial ability to buy fresh vegetables & fish

    .The LivingBox is based on hydroponics, which is a growing on water technique, without using soil or substrate at all


    Modularity – The system is built from modular units that connect one to another

    Size – starting from one square meter up to commercial size

    Off grid unit – no dependency in electricity and water infrastructure

    Location of the system is possible anywhere in the world regardless of the soil quality

    :The system can be connected to other modular units, such as

    Fish pond – upgrading it in a moment into aquaponics systems,. where the fish provide nutrients  for the plants; the fish are an excellent protein source

    !Biogas hybrid – integration to a bio-gas system which enables the creation of green energy and full cycle of organic waste treatment back to food again

    The system is suitable for:

    Domestic use – one system can provide vegetables for a family of five

    Community & Institutional – the system can be chained to several units and get sufficient system of a small village needs

    Agricultural use –especially in areas where agriculture is industrialized & urban farming

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