LivingBox is a modular and sustainable system with which everyone can grow fresh vegetables everywhere for a low cost and effortlessly. LivingBox won a prize from the Pears Challenge and was chosen to be present at the UN summit in New York in 2016 as one of the promising green israeli companies.


The main concept is going back to domestic production. Thus, we are reducing production costs, as well as transportation and pesticide costs. The aim of this process is to give back to human beings the power of growing their own food thanks to an easy, cheap and ecological way. In addition to give the chance to poor populations to grow their own fresh food without the need of fertile soil or any energy cost.  

LivingBox is based on hydroponics, which is a growing method on water.

Main advantages:

.Modularity – The system is built with modular units that are connected to one another

.Size – From one square meter up to commercial size

.Off grid unit – Independent in electricity and water infrastructures

Location –  Possible everywhere in the world regardless of the soil quality.

It can be connected to other modular units, such as:

Fish pond – upgrading it in a moment with aquaponics.

Biogas hybrid machine – connection to a biogas system enables to create green energy with organic waste.

The system is suitable for:

Domestic use – One LivingBox can provide weekly vegetables for a family of five people.

Community & Institutional use – Several LivingBox can be sufficient for a small village needs.

Agricultural use – Especially in areas where is industrialized agriculture & urban farming

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