Aquaponics and Hydroponics Greenhouse in a rehabilitation work factory – Um El Fahem, Israel


The “Maas” rehabilitation work factory project was established in cooperation with LivinGreen, “Maas”, the environmental activist Ibrahim Zoabi from Green-Yes and the manager of the Northern Triangle Environmental Unit Mrs. Nahed Sif.

“Maas” project is a rehabilitation place for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This place treats people with crops growing.

In this project, we set up a therapeutic greenhouse using aquaponics and hydroponics to grow plants such as green vegetables and herbs.

We believe that working with plants and water flowing around develops and contributes greatly to the grower.

In addition, we installed an existing Greenhouse Aquaponics System –  “mini Miron” which combine growing fishes and plants thanks to three growing methods (floating rafts, flood & drain and NFT).

Category : Educational systems Date : December 10 2014
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