Training for Volunteers / Interns

VolunteeringAn essential part of our belief is to spread knowledge about hydroponics and aquaponics worldwide. We invite volunteers from Israel and abroad to come and enjoy a unique experience in our farms.
Interns work with the farm team and learn about the various growing methods which gives them the ability to grow their own vegetables and fish at home. We give them a training, a supervision and missions during the time that they are with us.
Volunteers have the option to work in our three different farms in Israel – Tel Aviv, Huqoq, Beit Herut. It allows them to travel around Israel while volunteering.  The training is unpaid, but we provide you with food and accommodation in most of the farms


“How lucky I was to do this internship! French student in sustainability, it was the perfect match. I didn’t know about hydroponics neither aquaponics before I arrived and now I’m amazed to understand how those systems work. I spent two months going to one farm to another learning more about those methods and helping them. As the farms are spread all around Israel, I also had the opportunity to travel around Israel – hiking, sailing, surfing, visiting museums, natural reserves and so on. Moti created a magic sustainable company surrounding by beautiful people, I’m really happy to had been part of the LivinGreen Family.” – Iris, France


We’ve already had interns from Singapore, United States, Europe, Israel… And we’re waiting to have more!
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